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Our Week-long Intern Program

Do you want to learn more about gardening in North Idaho?  Do you want to learn how to grow food crops for your family?  Are you new to the area or our unique climate?  McKerracher Family Farm is offering a true hands-on opportunity to watch, learn, and work on an operating farm in the heart of North Idaho. This is a great opportunity where you will learn so much more than you ever could by watching a computer screen (plus you'll get some exercise and make new friends in the process!). For only $55.00, that is only $11 per day to learn hands on and get all your questions asked and answered.

  • What we are offering:  We are offering serious, work-minded people an opportunity to learn everything they want to know about gardening in North Idaho. Each Intern will spend four hours per day, Monday thru Friday, for one week, and a full week commitment is required to complete your Internship.
  • Interns Weeks start the first week in March and go through the middle of May.  You'll be working one-on-one with a Master Gardener and other farm staff involved in tasks like seeding, transplanting, soil and bed preparation, pruning, tool tips and usage, harvesting and packing, and season extension techniques to achieve the biggest and healthiest produce yields later in the season.
  • There is a $55.00 fee if you are successfully chosen.

We do not use any chemicals and we use intensive, no-till growing methods, on our farm. We have seven greenhouses, and tasks will vary around the farm depending on that day's weather.  This is a working farm, and reasonable physical fitness and a positive attitude
are required!
  • Fill in the form below with:
  1. Name, address, phone # and email.
  2. Your age and gardening experience and where (generally, eg. Southern California, Northern Michigan etc.)
  3. Why you want to take this Internship?
  4. Preferred date for classes. 
  5. Payment is not due until you have been notified that you are accepted in the Intern Program.  
Application for Internship

Dana D.                March 31, 2023

I was blessed to enjoy an amazing five days of quality hands-on learning of soil and plant health, packed with timely and valuable “small gardener” suggestions. Julie and Kerry’s joy in producing excellent food products while ensuring the ongoing health and success of their farm and it’s soil is contagious! Most importantly they share these jewels of information with such encouragement and generosity. I would highly recommend the McKerracher Family Farm Intern program to all who value their personal and community's” health! 

  Dana D.  March 31, 2023

Frank P. age 16.     March 24/23

I loved the experience, the atmosphere and the idea. I have read Curtis Stones book but I always wanted to see his method in the real world. Thanks to the McKerracher Family Farm this desire has been satisfied.         Frank P.  age 16.  March 24, 2023

Constance K.            May 5, 2023

I’ve had a wonderful internship week on the farm! Every day Julie introduced me to a new part of the growing operation and I could fine tune and improve any of these skills; from planting, sowing, bed and soil preparation, weeding, pruning, composting, tool & machine usage and overall operation on the farm! Every day went fast and I’m certainly coming back to learn & help more. I feel I got a very good sense of what I’m looking for and what I can handle on my own little future homestead. Thank you, Julie & Kerry   Constance K.      May 5, 2023

Christina V,            CSA Customer

I really enjoyed being at the farm. I learned so many aspects of gardening market from starting from seed to end product of harvesting fresh vegetables. I have a new appreciation of all that goes into every item I receive in my CSA basket. I am someone who learns by being shown what to do and then applying that skill and doing the work. I learned how to sprout microgreens, transplant plants, pruning, seed starting and processing that goes into preparing harvest products for CSA basket and the Farmers Market. It felt good to have my hands in the ground and working with the soil and the plants. I would highly recommend this Internship to anyone who is interested in learning about market gardening. Julie is a wealth of information.  Christina V, CSA Customer   5/14/2022

Julia H.                               3/19/22

This was the best thing I could have done to further my knowledge. Julie and Kerry are the most friendly and caring people. They are great teachers and really take the time to explain everything in detail. No Internet platform can replace the experience you have on a farm/nursery. Julie would be the "one" teacher that can make sense of everything. It is like a math equation in the end, that started with a bunch of numbers that did not make sense. Furthermore she is the friend everybody needs, because she is such a great spirit. Thank you so much!  Julia.H. 3/19/22

Kacey B.                          3/5/2021

"What a fantastic, immersive way to learn about gardening. I was able to glean so much more information from Julie in person than I could have from a book or video. Being able to ask questions on the fly and see the Farm was super helpful. Plus it's a wonderful experience to be here! The smell of the plants, getting my hands in the soil & hearing the sounds all added to the experience. I'm grateful I got to do such a variety of tasks from seeding to planting to working with farm tools. This was a very valuable experience and I've already got a lot of ideas I can implement in my own home garden. Thank you Julie & Kerry."  Kacey B. 3/5/2021

Consulting Now Available 

 - 50 years of experience growing  for gardening, or homesteading in North Idaho?   What works, what doesn't!                                                                                We are local in Careywood, Idaho


  • Master Gardener for North Idaho.
  • Homesteaded since 1995
  • Market Gardening since 2017
  • Completed courses by Neversink Farm, Curtis Stone, and JM Fortier Market Gardening, and many more.

"An experienced gardener has made many mistakes and you can learn from them instead of repeating them."
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